Most people love trains.

Just to the southeast of the main office at Rincon West RV Resort, runs the Rincon Railroad.

Sitting on a little hill, train conductors sit in lawn chairs with wireless controllers and run their trains through their make believe town. A schedule is posted at the station, and, on this day, an engineer is trying to figure out why his train loses power in the turns. His wife is adding plastic people to displays of Old West scenes now mostly found in kid’s books.

Trains helped settle the west and in early morning hours, in South Tucson, you hear real train whistles as big boy trains speed through pulling box cars of coal, shipping containers, and empty cattle cars.

The little make believe railroad town of Rincon is divided into an old town, mid-town, and new town. The scenes show a rural life, places city folk don’t care about until they get hungry. Food,after all, is grown in fly over states. Electric generation begins further back than the light switch. Gasoline doesn’t come out of the ground ready to put into your car.

In receding light, this train is not running much longer. The conductor and his wife need to fix dinner, sit around their front porch with neighbors talking about old days, listening to Glenn Miller on an old radio prized by antique hounds.

At the Rincon West Railroad Club you take a stroll back in time,

Playing with trains is something little kids and big kids have in common. 

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