At sundown, people congregate.

From tables in the dining area at Ahau Tulum, we watch the sun go down as the entire Caribbean vanishes into dark. As light dims, people leave the beach, wash away sand and suntan lotion,put on night clothes and sit down to dinner. There are families here, romantic couples, locals who sit at favorite tables, waiters writing orders and hustling drinks, most guests fleeing winter in Europe, United States and Canada.

The table candles are covered by cut off Corona bottles. Waiters bring flashlights out of their shirt pockets to help guests read the menu.

If I lived here, I would be at a local neighborhood establishment eating shrimp off paper plates, having local beer and Key Lime pie for dessert.

As a visitor, I am enjoying living the life of the rich and famous, as I imagine they live.

In reality, as nice as this place is, it is just another budget eatery for people of modest means.

Most of us can’t dream as big as the rich live.





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