We start on a clear day, end in a rain, take a two hour guided tour of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve,

The fish are many, the coral reef is intact, and there have to be more snorkelers here than fish. I start with ten fingers and ten toes and end with the same.

Underwater, a manta ray glides past, like an alien space ship with a long tail, passing me like I am the slow vehicle in the right hand lane.

Hol Chan is the most frequented reef locale on Ambergris Caye and it saves lives that tourists meet nature with guides. On the other side of the reef, sea currents can sweep you out and turn you into shark bait. This trip, including park fee and a guide who swims you through the reef ecosystem, is fifty dollars U.S. a person.

Ambergris Caye would be nothing but a bald head on the ocean without the reef. A visit to Belize without getting wet is a sacrilege.

I don’t see sharks but know they are close and pray they haven’t been drinking.

I don’t want to be an appetizer.



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