Across the road from the Hemingway Romantic Eco-Cottages is an open air bar with picnic tables covered by Mexican tablecloths, salt and pepper shakers made with small Corona bottles, pithy signs and a cooking area where a chef makes tacos, a specialty of the house.

This VW bus, from the 60’s, has been painted, gutted, and parked in a visible location. Inside it, our waiter writes down our order, sits a moment on a small wooden bench, stands, adjusts his glasses, and, in due time, hustles over to the chef.

This VW bus was driven down here in the 60’s and never made it home.

There are still people in Tulum who came down, lost their passport, credit card, money and hangups, and stayed to the drumroll of the waves.

Fish, beef, chicken and pork are the four tacos featured tonight.

Joan has one of each and I have the rest. 

Coming to Tulum was her idea, and it was a good one.

This is a vacation for both us. I call it a sparkling interlude moving to the bridge in a typical jazz standard with an AABA form.


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