has been to markets in Belize, Costa Rica,Ecuador, Mexico,Nicaragua, Uruguay.

This open air market in Mogpog is cleaner than most,and well stocked, There are meats, vegetables, flip flops, toys, toilet paper,shirts, bras, belts, tools, books, snacks,and more.

In Mogpog, people walk to the market each morning to buy fish off the boat, meat just slaughtered, vegetables just pulled from rich soil. They don’t have freezers or big refrigerators. It is too easy to walk a few blocks, visit friends and family, pick your produce from people you know, go home and cook. 

When electric grids go, they will still be bringing things to market. When food spoils in freezers and grocery shelves are empty, there will still be fresh grown food to eat in Mogpog.

Alma sells her pigs to market vendors and it makes her a business. 

She doesn’t advertise.

Word gets around when you have something people want.


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