This eight foot by forty foot shipping container, with red primer and dents, has been around the world.

Buried in the hold, it has braved fierce winds in the Magellan Straits, turned north at the Cape of Good Hope, waited in line to traverse the Panama Canal, slid by icebergs in the cold north seas that sank the Titanic.

It’s final trip is to Hermit’s Lake, Colorado where it is turning into a vacation mountain cabin.

Loaded onto the most level part of Richard’s lot, it points down the valley cut long ago by a glacier, towards three private fishing lakes at the private fishing club.

Richard has been coming here for twenty five years and this is the year of his cabin. Teaching school with Richard, back in my Truth or Consequences days, we still talk. He and Maria live in Virginia and I moved back to Albuquerque, the city no one spells right. Long time friends all start as short time acquaintances.

Our work order, for three days, is to insulate and frame the bedroom, install flooring, build a bed, run wire.  

Three days in, with most of our time in transit, we have the work done.

Next trip up, the bathroom will be started, white paint will be put on the roof to reflect heat and the place will be okay to spend the night. By our next trip up, electricity may be in and a water well may be completed and we will bring Maria’s outside lawn furniture from their Albuquerque backyard.

Cano has his castle, but now Richard has one started too.



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