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Love Machine Squeeze the Handle

Some months back, Scotttreks went through a sleep study. Hooked up to wires and monitors, Scott was watched all night in a controlled environment and his sleeping habits recorded. At the end of the study, there was paperwork, a meeting with a certified Doctor, and...

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Lucky Chair Horseshoes for luck

Under the " Home of the Big Rib " rib, as you walk towards one of several dining rooms at the County Line Barbecue, is a lucky chair. We all have our favorite chairs.  It might be an old recliner that you found on the sidewalk outside a neighbors with a ' Take Me...

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Barbecue Blues County Line Barbecue

In the shadow of the Sandia Mountains, the County Line Barbecue is packed this Friday night. I am on their e mail list, and the band sent me an invitation to their performance, which is free.  Judging from a plate of ribs on a patron's plate at the bar next to...

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Morning Walk Albuquerque's Embudo Canyon

Indian School is an east west boulevard that ends at the Embudo Canyon Open Space at the far east side of Albuquerque. There is a parking lot at the open space that opens at seven each morning and closes at seven each evening. People and pets can both walk here to...

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Heckle and Jeckle Talking over the watercooler   These two questionable birds remind me of cartoon characters we saw on black and white television in the 1950's, most often perched on a tree limb talking about crazy humans. They were, as they appear here, angular, opinionated, and...

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Mineshaft Tavern Local Watering Hole

State Road 14 takes you to Madrid,New Mexico, and to Cerrillos,New Mexico, if you stay on it. All the way to Madrid we are passed by overweight motorcycle riders wearing pony tails and Bandito Leather jackets. Madrid is an old New Mexico mining town that busted a long...

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Cerrillos, New Mexico Road Trip

New Mexico, before statehood, was an American territory wrested from Mexico in one of America's many wars. In 1912, we became a state and were lucky to do so.There were plenty of critics, then, as now, who suggested  New Mexico has more in common with Mexico than...

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