This Padre Island surf isn’t the best but this wind is still strong and steady.

Kite surfers combine kites and surfboards and hitch themselves to the wind for a free ride.

Wearing wet suits, they wear harnesses and are tethered to their kites by fifty foot nylon lines. As their kite is caught by the wind on the beach they walk into the surf, lay back in the water, and let their wind filled kite pull them upright and begin to drag them through the surf as they balance on their boards. Their rides last as long as the wind lasts and in South Padre Island, today, the wind is no hundred pound weakling.

An older surfer with a red kite laments that there ” isn’t enough wind! ”

Still, he follows his kite out into the surf, lays back, and is pulled immediately upright.

Letting nature pull you for a free ride is fun.

Sharing the water with others who love what you love is even more fun.

We live and play in a paradise.




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