Golf carts are standard equipment at most courses. They speed up play,bring revenue to the course, make the course more accessible to players who aren’t in good enough shape to walk.

This one is parked by the Paradise Hills Clubhouse while it’s owner.operator fills up with hot dogs and cold beer before tackling the back nine.

It  is privately owned and would have been the cat’s meow in San Pedro Town, Belize where golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation.

These golfers are also obsessed ostentatious Denver Bronco fans.

Bronco football hasn’t been up to par the last few years but they will turn it around if they can find another Elway type quarterback who can throw the football with accuracy,the entire length of the field, and shake off hard charging linebackers with mayhem on their minds.

I’m not sure this cart will improve your game any more than a normal cart, but it certainly has my attention this morning.

If people weren’t in such a hurry we could all drive golf carts on our city streets, save enough on gas to take a nice vacation each year, and eliminate fatalities.



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